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Power Purchase Agreements

Cost effective solutions for the rising electric costs

  • Hedge current utility costs for 20 years
  • No upfront out of pocket expense
  • No additional costs
  • Be a leader in your Industry
  • Utilize clean energy created with natural renewable resources
  • No maintenance fees
  • Can be done on any type of facility, including farms, churches, business, homes, etc.

How it works:

  1. Provide us with 12-24 months of electric bills
  2. Give G6PS time to thoroughly analyze those bills
  3. Set up a time to go over the analysis and discuss options
  4. Decide how you want to hedge your electrical expenses
  5. Sign a Power Purchase Agreement
  6. Start saving!

Power Purchase Agreement Plan (PPA)

  • You can have alternative energy installed on your facility or home for no out of pocket expense.
  • Take advantage of significantly lower electric costs generated by clean, renewable energy.  The PPA electric charge for using the alternative energy is 40-50%r less than what you are currently paying for electricity to your utility company.
  • Monthly PPA payments are set up based on annual production of the system to help with budgeting, similar to budget billing.  You will know what you will be paying every month and can even set up a yearly or bi-yearly payment option.
  • The price of your electricity is set for the next 20 years, we guarantee to never increase it.
  • The agreement is transferable, moveable, or can be canceled.
  • G6 Power Solutions does all the maintenance on the equipment at no extra charge.

Additional Revenue Opportunities:

  • Showcase your Alternative Energy to other interested parties and earn referral bonuses!