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The purpose of the AEN is to correlate G6 Power Solutions success with that of each community, business and individual we serve.  The growth of the Alternative Energy Industry can only succeed with the acceptance of the people it empowers and this network will introduce you to others considering its benefits. While keeping you updated on accurate news; G6PS educates the public on acute energy solutions as well as preventative measures of not only saving our world, but saving families and businesses from a long line of ever increasing electric bills.

Back view of a young blond girl running happily in an open fieldWe are at the epicenter of a life changing initiation that demands accountability for our actions and G6PS is honored to serve.  We believe a life of service is a life worth living; that each one of us plays an essential part of this incomparable advancement of humankind.  Think of an investment into Alternative Energy as a donation to a most virtuous, lifesaving cause.  This cause will deliberately hedge utility costs, secure tax credits, promote individuals and businesses, and fill our hearts.  All of this allows us to feel confident we’ve given back to the world rather than take from it.


G6 Power Solutions implements a vast array of Alternative Energy Designs including, but not limited to Solar, Wind, Storage, Back-Up Generation, LED Lighting and more. Please note that by implementing an Alternative Energy System someone does not always go off “The Grid”. The process of a unique system will be explained by the System Designer and we are happy to answer any cultural or personal questions you may have.

There is no catch here. No strings attached. We believe that cooperation supersedes competition, that education triumphs over selling, that giving our word (on paper) means more than small print terms and conditions.

We are blessed with a beautiful world, filled with love and life. Help us maintain our beauty, create independence from oversized energy companies, and create the footprint that our future generations truly deserve. It is no longer a question of if you will engage in Alternative Energy; it’s simply a matter of when.


Three ways to get involved with G6 Power Solutions are our Colleague, Partner Associate, and Certified Representative programs. Select a program on the right for more information on these programs or click on the links above.