G6 Power Solution is always looking for GENERAL CONTRACTORS to partner up with and add to our list of Certified Representatives.   G6 looks to its dealers to provide site assessments and local answers to customers’ questions. In many cases, dealers will also be called upon to provide installation assistance (or complete turnkey installation) of our wind generators and towers, or our solar panels for customers. Dealers are expected to be experienced with and knowledgeable of residential renewable energy, in general, and about wind and solar energy, specifically.

Slide_21Join together with G6 Power Solutions and bring alternative energy solutions to your community.  Immediately increase your bottom line by training your labor force on Alternative Energy Solutions installation.

G6PS offsets power usage and creates cost effective power efficiency solutions for manufacturers, building owners, farms, co-ops, schools, municipalities, convenience stores, turkey barns, hog confinements, car dealerships and many other types of facilities and operations.  G6PS creates the most effective and efficient Alternative Energy Solutions in the United States.

Our Faith, our people, and our products allow for successful business partners like yourself and the clients we serve. Enriching lives and improving energy solutions will always be our lasting commitment.

Win-Win-Win Solutions

Americans have worked hard and take pride in leading the world of business through financial stability and outside the box thinking.  More than ever, businesses like yours are looking for ways to stand out from others in a positive way that increases capital and mitigates loss.

Our culture is consistently acknowledging, respecting and rewarding the businesses that lead the way for Green Initiatives.  Our successful Certified Representative Program allows businesses like yours to join the movement by implementing Alternative Energy Solutions to your clients and ours while significantly increasing your bottom line. Our goal is add you to our team of contractors we can call on to execute these Alternative Energy Solutions commercially, agriculturally, and residentially.

With this revolutionary idea, we are able to create solutions where everyone wins.  You win by increasing your revenue.  We win by growing our business and supporting local commerce.  Our customers win by hedging electric costs and turning a bill into an investment while taking advantage of invaluable tax credits.  The environment wins by lowering each company’s effect on the grid and reducing the need for fossil fuel consumption.

Experienced Wind and Solar Panel Installers/Dealers

If you or someone else from your renewable energy company already has significant hands-on experience or expertise in the wind and solar energy industry, then G6 Power Solution would be happy to welcome you into our dealer network.

Upfront Training

3 – 5 Day Hands-on Solar and Wind Energy Workshops 
If no one in your company’s personnel has significant wind and solar energy experience, then a company representative will need to gain hands-on wind and solar panel installation experience through a G6 Power Solution Wind and solar energy training program, or one recognized by G6 Power Solution.