Build the Future you want to See

Tools to Succeed

What we provided for our Clients to Succeed:


We guarantee our system will deliver the amount of production quoted on your contract. If it falls short, we will install addition alternative energy solutions to make up the difference at no cost to you.

Customized System Design

Fit to your facility and your usage ensuring that you will not over or under invest.

Grant Writing

 If you qualify for any grants, we offer grant writing services.


We will walk you through all the steps to receive rebates you may be eligible for.


We will explain how the credits work and help you apply for any additional credits.


Solar Panels:

10 years on labor

25 years on panels

Wind Turbines:

5-10 years on labor

20 years on equipment


G6PS maintains, monitors and provides all maintenance of the equipment at no additional cost.


G6PS has partners to help with your insurance and coverage on the equipment to maintain the great financial benefits.